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KnownSpace x Decathlon - Natura

Project type

3D Design
3D Animation
Environment Design





Natura - A Cinematic Ode to Our Bond with the Wild

Natura, a short cinematic stands as a testament to the indispensable role of nature in our existence. Within its design lies a narrative crafted to seamlessly place viewers within a realm of reclaimed nature.

Drawing inspiration from the understated elegance of contemporary Japanese architecture. The space within Natura unfolds with a grace that mirrors the simplicity of form. Vast expanses of glass serve as an eloquent conduit, fashioning an unbroken connection with the expansive outdoors. This design philosophy forms a bridge, inviting occupants to traverse seamlessly between the man-made and the untamed.

The very essence of this space lies in its purpose—to tether individuals to the present, grounding them in the embrace of our most primal and authentic environment: the wild. Natura's design ethos embodies an invitation, coaxing inhabitants to rediscover a profound sense of belonging amidst the unbridled beauty of the natural world.

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